RIP Quentin Kenihan

Writer, actor, entertainer and disability advocate, Quentin Kenihan has passed away at age 43. Quentin first rose to fame when he was interviewed by Mike Willesee as a child. Since then, he has travelled the world interviewing the rich and famous, written a book and appeared in movies including Mad Max: Fury Road.

As Quentin’s manager, Abby Edwards notes;

“Quentin Kenihan was exceptional. A social commentator, disability advocate and champion for the vulnerable.

An actor, writer, inspirer and influencer who pushed the boundaries.

He defied all medical and spiritual boundaries others placed on him. He lived large. He was the bravest, coolest, funniest and most courageous guy I had the pleasure of knowing. And clever. So very clever.

Every time I talked to him or saw him I told him I loved him, and he told me the same. I am thankful for that and all the laughs.

What an over achiever as well – his own television show, an author, a radio personality, fulfilling his dream of acting in Mad Max: Fury Road and most recently running for Adelaide City Council. He would have won as well!!

I am heartbroken. I will miss you my dear friend. You were brilliant!

Your legacy will live on and on. Go in peace mate!”

Quentin’s Campaign

Forever seeking to make a positive impact, Quentin’s most recent work has been on pursuing election to the Adelaide city Council

He has been bringing his focus and attention to the rights for children of all abilities to play together

Quentin Remembered

Thoughts and prayers have streamed in from the disability community, the entertainment industry and the broader public.


SA Government Co-funds Quentin Memorial

The SA Government has moved to co-fund a specialised inclusive playground in honour of Quentin, showing that his impact will continue on.



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