Why do providers put their prices up for NDIS participants?

Q&AWhy do providers put their prices up for NDIS participants?
Catherine asked 11 months ago
Recently had our person join NDIS. The moment we told our long time provider, they immediately hiked the price they charge. Why do they think it is ok to charge you more just because you are paying from your NDIS package?

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blanche answered 10 months ago
Honestly? Pricing for is hard. All businesses struggle with it, which is why reference pricing is so powerful. If you’ve heard of RRP or Recommended Retail Pricing, this is the way a manufacturer suggests to the retailer what they should list the item for in their store. When a government authority like the NDIS sets a price, even when that price is not relevant (ie. you are self managed), sellers are going to use that as their starting point. By setting a cap price, the NDIS has effectively told providers what to charge. Until there is serious competition, that won’t change.

Josh answered 11 months ago

Amanda answered 11 months ago
Because they can. If you are self managing, try not to let them find out. There is no good reason for them to charge you more.