What makes something reasonable and necessary for NDIS?

Q&AWhat makes something reasonable and necessary for NDIS?
Greta asked 12 months ago

Is there a plain english definition of what the NDIS considers ‘reasonable and necessary’ that someone could share?

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Glenda answered 12 months ago

The NDIA says that for something to considered reasonable and necessary it needs to be:

  • related to the person’s disability 
  • must not include day-to-day living costs not related to your disability support needs, such as groceries
  • should represent value for money
  • must be likely to be effective and work for the person
  • should take into account support from other government services (ie. health, education, etc), your family, carers, networks and the community

Obviously, these criteria leave a lot of room for subjective interpretation, which is why you may find something is accepted as reasonable and necessary for one person and denied for another person. To the extent that you can, try to address these criteria when seeking to include something in your plan.