What is a therapy assistant?

Q&AWhat is a therapy assistant?
Gavin asked 9 months ago

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CareNavigator.com answered 7 months ago
A Therapy Assistant helps the person implement their therapy plan under the direction of a therapist. For some therapy exercises or activities that do not require the assistance of a therapist, a Therapy Assistant may provide a more affordable alternative for the person while also allowing the therapist to focus their efforts on people who specifically need their skills.

Some Therapy Assistants will also be students who are studying to become therapists, allowing them to earn money while also gaining professional experience. If you would like to understand more about how people utilise therapy assistants as part of their care team, you may also enjoy this interview with Mel about how she has added therapy assistants to help her family’s funding go further and support their needs: http://www.carenavigator.com/ndis/therapy-assistants-and-ndis

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