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Sarah asked 3 months ago
Good morning,
Could you please let me know how I go about editing our listing? Prestige in listed under Geelong only however we do have a number of outlets. I’d like to be able to insert testimonials, potentially images also. 
Many thanks in advance

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Best Answer answered 3 months ago
Hi Sarah, 
To update an existing listing for your business, you will need to first claim the listing by clicking on the ‘Claim Listing’ button just under the Profile tab.
Once you have claimed the listing, you will be able to update the information on the profile as you please. For testimonials, your users can provide these directly by posting their comments under the Feedback tab.
Each Care Provider profile on CareNavigator is location specific because great care is local. If you would like to create a profile for another of your locations you are welcome to add the by clicking on ‘Post Something’ in the top menu and choosing ‘Care Provider’.
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Hope this helps you!