HELP! NDIS application REJECTED. What can I do?

Q&AHELP! NDIS application REJECTED. What can I do?
Casey asked 7 months ago

What are my options after my NDIS application is rejected? Can I get a review or appeal? What do I need to do?

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Glen answered 7 months ago

You may be able to get help from your local MP to have the decision reviewed. Here is an example of an opposition MP working with the government to get a better NDIS outcome for a local family:

Glen answered 7 months ago

PS. If you are not sure who your local member is currently, you can look them up and find their contact details by searching your postcode here:

Elaine answered 7 months ago

I would interested to know why. You have 90 days to submit more evidence and then the application will go to internal reviews. I  would probably choose to wait 3 months and reapply. I have applications sitting in IR from June 2018. Appeals can take 2 yrs. I would read the rejection letter, look at the evidence you submitted, wait 3 months and reapply. If the evidence is incorrect and doesn\\\’t relate to the Act it won\\\’t be accepted.   Obviously I have no idea about your application so am unable to give specifics. 

Gemma answered 3 months ago

I agree with Elaine but don’t even think you have to wait 3 months anymore. What reason did they give you for the rejection? 

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