Are NDIS providers allowed to charge cancellation fees?

Q&AAre NDIS providers allowed to charge cancellation fees?
Jenna asked 6 months ago

Getting a bit frustrated by one particular provider eating up our NDIS package with cancellation fees. If it were last minute that would be understandable, but we give them a week’s notice, they fill the appointment and still charge us as well! Seems like double dipping to put it mildly. Is there anything we can do about this?

1 Answers
blanche answered 6 months ago

If you are Agency managed, then the Provider is allowed to charge cancellation fees. The amount of the fee and the notice required to be given are set by the NDIS if you are agency managed. You are considered ‘Agency managed’ if the NDIS makes the payments from your package to your provider and you can only use Registered NDIS Providers.
If you are not Agency managed (ie. you self manage or you have a plan manager), the terms of cancellation will be set out in your service agreement and any terms there are in addition to any protections you might have under Australian consumer law.