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Jan 22
Thank you.

Thank you for supporting our CareNavigator community over these last 5 years. As we…

Aug 13
NDIS Commission Bans Ann Marie Smith’s Care Provider, Police Charge Care Worker

South Australian woman, Ann Marie Smith died earlier this year in what has been…

Jun 16
NDIS COVID-19 Update – 10% loading to end, over half a billion dollars in advanced payments made.

Here is what we know so far about the changes to NDIS following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jan 13
How bush fires are affecting people with disability, senior Australians, carers and care professionals

Australians are no strangers to bush fires, but this year we have seen high…

Dec 20
NDIS news round up – system failures, near $400m NDIS fraud and more

An alleged fraud of nearly $400m is amongst the latest NDIS news.

Oct 17
NDIS gets new CEO

The Agency responsible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has managed…

Oct 01
All the Healthcare the NDIS Will Now Fund From Today

As of today, the National Disability Insurance Scheme will now fund healthcare…

Sep 26
Is this accessible interim accommodation better than some permanent housing?

Summer Foundation has unveiled a prototype for accessible interim accommodation in…

Sep 02
Sex, technology and disability – it’s complicated

Phillippa Carnemolla, University of Technology Sydney People living with disability…

Aug 14
Finally, the NDIS will fund sex therapy. But it should cover sex workers too

Matthew Yau, James Cook University The Administrative Appeals Tribunal recently…

Aug 01
Government gives out $19.5m to help people with disability find work – Here’s who got the money

The Federal Government has given out $19.5m in grants to 64 organisations. The purpose…

Nov 04
5 Top Searched NDIS Services On

5 Top Searched NDIS Services On March was an absolutely amazing…