Where can the NDIS do better?

With the show now cancelled, the ABC’s Tonightly with Tom Ballard has lent some of its precious remaining broadcast time to highlight the struggle faced by People with Disability in accessing the NDIS. In the 2min clip below, Adam Bowes shares his 15 month ordeal to get recognised as a person with a disability by the NDIA, accepted to the NDIS and funded for a wheelchair.

There are some all too relatable experiences for many. The segment, titled ‘NDIS FAILS’, highlights the flaws in the processes of both the NDIA and Centrelink. Adam recounts such cringeworthy questions as “has your disability gotten better or improved?”.

Ultimately, Adam concludes that the one question that does need to be asked is not about his legs, but rather ‘Where can the NDIS do better?’.



Tonightly with Tom Ballard is scheduled to air it’s last episode on September 7th, 2018.


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