What is WA doing to the NDIS?

It is no secret that there is a big question mark over what is happening with the NDIS in Western Australia. Parallel trials of the State’s home grown My Way alternative to the NDIS continue, leaving many uncertain about the future of NDIS in WA.

One group seeking to ensure that no one is left worse off under the WA scheme is Nodisadvantage. The group states “We want the WA State Government to guarantee that West Australians with disability will not be worse off than other Australians under a WA NDIS.”.

In the spirit of this purpose, Nodisadvantage is holding the ‘Don’t Toy With Us’ rally on the steps of the WA parliament at 12pm on the 21st of September.

The following message is shared on behalf of the organisers:

“We are holding a protest tomorrow at twelve pm at Parliament House.

The protest is to ask of the Minister that whatever scheme the WA Government asks for, we should not be worse off than other Australians.

To do this, we have amassed hundreds of toys with protest signs and hand written messages from people with disability and their families about what they think we should include in a disability reform scheme. The theme is ‘don’t toy with our lives’.

WA is the only state that has not signed up to a Federal NDIS, because our government says that they want to compare a state and the federal scheme and incorporate the ‘best bits’.

We want to make sure the ‘best bits’ are the best for us, not just providers and bureaucrats.

Please feel free to attend and bring a toy with your message to the Minister – no matter what it is – about what you think we need in a new disability reform scheme. Alternatively, you can email the Minister directly at [email protected] and give her your views about a future disability scheme in WA.”

We encourage you to share your message of support or join the event on facebook here:


And you can continue to find NDIS providers in every state and territory, including WA, all across Australia here on CareNavigator.com


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