What is a LAC?

What is a LAC (Local Area Coordinator)?

As we’ve shared previously on the topic of the NDIA’s new ‘My First Plan’ (here, here and here), the National Disability Insurance Agency has made some significant changes to the rollout of the NDIS with the move from trial sites to full rollout. One of these changes is the introduction of what they are referring to as Local Area Coordinators or LACs for short.

What is the role of a LAC?

Local Area Coordinators are private organisations separate from the NDIA. The NDIA have contracted LACs to deliver NDIS participant enrolment services. These services are intended to support the rollout of the NDIS (such as ‘My First Plan’). The NDIA describes the role of LACs as:

  • “actively working with you and members of the community, your carers and your family members to assist you to build your community connections
  • helping you optimise how you best work with the NDIA
  • helping you identify and access supports, and
  • providing feedback on any barriers or ongoing issues you face with receiving services and supports, to strengthen and address gaps in these.”

Who is the LAC in my area?

At this stage NDIS Local Area Coordinators appear to be local monopolies, with one LAC per NDIS region. From announcements so far, we know that the following LACs have been appointed:

Victoria LACs

North East Melbourne LAC – Brotherhood of St. Lawrence

Central Highlands LAC – Latrobe Community Health Service

Loddon LAC – Intereach

New South Wales LACs

Neppean Blue Mountains LAC – Uniting

Northern Sydney LAC – Uniting

Western Sydney LAC – Uniting

Southern NSW LAC – Uniting

Illawarra Shoalhaven LAC – Uniting

South Western Sydney LAC – St Vincent de Paul

Sydney LAC – St Vincent de Paul

Central Coast LAC – St Vincent de Paul

Hunter New England LAC – St Vincent de Paul

South East Sydney LAC – St Vincent de Paul

Tasmania LACs

North West Tasmania – Mission Australia

South East Tasmania – Mission Australia

North Tasmania – Baptcare

South West Tasmania – Baptcare

The NDIA has also noted: “As of June 2019, LAC Transition Service arrangements will be determined through a competitive market process.”


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