Townsville LAC Participant Numbers

NDIS LAC Partner Townsville

Townsville’s successful LAC provider will have the opportunity to scale up their service, with the NDIA’s Participant Numbers seeing the region start 98% below it’s average. The region stays below its average for its first three quarters, progressing to 53% below average in it’s second quarter (Q4) and 4% under average in it’s 3rd quarter (Q5).

This should give the successful LAC bidder a full 9 months to scale up its systems, recruit, train and develop staff before Townsville has it’s first peak. In October-December 2017 Townsville will more than double it’s long run average Participant Numbers, hitting a peak of 139% according to the NDIA’s figures.

Participant numbers then ratchet down over below average over two quarters, then back up over two quarters for Townsville’s second peak one year later in October-December 2018. The NDIA then puts participant numbers trailing down, finishing the end of the contract in June 2019 at 36% below average.

This high degree of variance over the 2.5 year period of the contract may force reliance on seasonal staff during peak periods. Given the twin peaks are in the October-December quarters of 2017 and 2018, the successful LAC may look to university students looking for seasonal work coming into the summer. With about half of all Townsville’s annual Participant Numbers put against the three months from October December by the NDIA in both years, the successful LAC will need a solid plan to manage these peaks if it is to ensure quality of service for participants.

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