Toowoomba LAC Participant Numbers

Toowoomba NDIS LAC Partner

Perhaps the most intensely erratic of any region, the NDIA’s Participant Numbers for Toowoomba may give prospective LACs some pause for thought.

Starting in January 2017, Toowoomba kicks off with Participant numbers more than +100% over its long run average. The NDIA’s numbers then have Toowoomba shooting up to over +200% above its long run average.

Toowoomba’s LAC will then completely shut down from July 2017 with zero participants for the next two quarters. Reopening in January 2018 with volumes a little over long run average, Toowoomba will enjoy a busy first 6 months before reverting to a skeleton staff in the last half of 2018 with the NDIA’s participant numbers at more than -90% below its long run average.

The lucky Toowoomba LAC will get to see out the last 6 months of it’s contract with participant numbers returning to the long run average. The successful bidder will hopefully have strong expertise in recruiting and training seasonal staff who can deliver a quality service to NDIS participants.

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This analysis is provided for by The Healthy Organisation

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