Provider of the Year Awards 2018

As we come to the end of 2018, it is important that we recognise the challenges we have faced and celebrate what we have accomplished, both as individuals and as a community. With that in mind we would like to invite you to vote for your favourite care provider of 2018!

Our Provider of the year awards celebrate the best care providers all across the country. We recognise great care providers in every State and Territory as well as the overall National Winner. Our goal with these awards is to recognise the best providers, show what makes them great and inspire with the example these amazing providers set for care professionals everywhere.

What’s new in the Care Provider of the Year Awards for 2018?

10 out of 10

This is our third year running these awards and we continue to be amazed by the incredible care providers all across the country. We also continue to learn from this process. Based on your feedback, we’ve moved from ratings out of 5 to ratings out of 10 to give you that extra level of precision in your feedback – no more struggle wishing you could give a 4.5/5, that’s now a 9/10!

NPS for Care Providers

This year we will also be awarding our Care Provider of the Year using a method similar to the way a Net Promoter Score or NPS is calculated. In the past we have awarded the provider of the year based on the most number of top score reviews. This meant that really only reviews with the top scores impacted the final result. We want to change that.

With this new method, we will calculate performance based on number of positive reviews (scores of 9 or 10) minus number of negative reviews (scores of 0 to 6) divided by total number of reviews. We are using this new method informed by NPS because we believe it is important to make sure that every voted is counted and every voice is heard.

Min. 3 reviews this year

Along with this change, to ensure the Care Provider of the Year awards remain a reliable mark of quality without excluding small independent providers, to be eligible a provider will need to have received a minimum of 3 reviews during this year. This is to avoid instances where a provider could win with a single positive review, while also recognising that small providers will simply have fewer clients.

We are using the 3 review minimum this year because quality care providers of all sizes deserve equal recognition. Whether your favourite provider is 100 years old or just started today, we want to celebrate the amazing care providers of all ages and sizes!

What stays the same with the 2018 awards?


We will continue to provide over $1000 worth of prizes to each of our winners to help them get recognised and be seen.

As voted by you

Each winner will be chosen based on your reviews. There’s no back room shenanigans or shady deals, just the best care providers in the country as chosen by you, the people who know and love their service. So make your voice heard, share a review and tell us about the amazing care providers in your community


People Celebrating the CareNavigator Provider of the Year Awards

[Image: People celebrate the Provider of the Year Awards]

Why vote?

Autonomous Autist said it best:

“There’s so much I’m looking for that I think only another person with a disability or a carer can really understand, so to read reviews that are written by us and for us is very valuable.

I find one sentence reviews that are all-positive or all-negative often aren’t that helpful to me. Reading other reviews on Care Navigator has shown me that there is a community who are creating a valuable resource to be shared.

A lot of this information – the good providers, the bad providers, and all the disability-specific stuff you need to know about providers and services, has often been shared by word of mouth by people who are connected to local networks. It is information that should be available to anyone who wants it, and that I think a lot of us are willing to share and glad to have a platform for.

So I was really happy to write a review for what’s been the most valuable service-provider for me, and I will definitely use Care Navigator again and hopefully write a few more reviews”

You are in charge. Your reviews determine the winner, lets make sure these prizes go to worthy winners!

How to vote for provider of the year?

Voting is super EASY! You can vote by sharing your advice and giving your review on any provider’s profile page or by using our quick review page here.

Vote now!

Invite your community

Every review adds up. Invite your friends and community to vote to help your favourite provider win. You can invite your friends and community by sharing this post on facebook and your favourite social media. You can also invite your friends and community to vote by using this invitation page here

Invite your friends to vote!


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