NDIS Provider of the Year South Australia

The NDIS Provider of the year is competitively awarded by you, CareNavigators who share your advice about the amazing providers in your community. This year, the award goes to the provider in each State that received the most 5-star ratings from CareNavigators all across Australia. Each winner of the NDIS Provider of the Year award receives a year worth of CareNavigator Gold, valued at over $1000 to promote and highlight their great service. The NDIS Provider of the Year awards would not be possible without CareNavigators like you who rate, review and share advice on the greatest and most amazing NDIS support providers in your community.

Thank you

This year we are awarding our NDIS Provider of the Year Awards by State. Today we are kicking off the 2nd annual awards by announcing the winner for South Australia. So without further ado, the winner of the 2017 NDIS Provider of the Year Award for South Australia as voted by CareNavigators like you is…

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Action Psychology SA

We invited Action Psychology SA as the winner of this year’s NDIS Provider of the Year – South Australia to share some words in honour of this award bestowed by you

A little about Action Psychology SA …

We are two psychologists – JJV has 40 years of experience as a teacher and psychologist and works primarily with schools, children and young people. Lauren also works with children but enjoys working with adults and has a keen interest in all things to do with the employment and the work place.
We also have three wonderful part time office staff – Chris, Gill and Mel

On winning award for NDIS Provider of the Year 2017 – South Australia

Action Psychology was thrilled to hear that we had won the NDIS Provider of the Year Award for South Australia. We would like to thank our clients for their trust and confidence and are honoured to know they rate us as five star.
JJV, the owner of the business has been committed to her goal of improving the daily lives of young people for more than 40 years. Positive self-concept, personal acceptance and self-celebration is at the base of the work we love so much. “I am inspired on a daily basis by the strength and character of the young people I work with. Watching them develop and shine is one of my life’s treasures. I am humbled by the thought that what we do has enabled us to reach the level of state winner given the 4,000 plus providers who have been profiled. Thank you so much to my staff and clients. WOW!” says JJV.
We would like to thank Care Navigator for the opportunity to take part in the award process and look forward to the ‘Gold Profile’.

Congratulations Action Psychology

On behalf of all CareNavigators, we congratulate Action Psychology on their achievement and thank all of you who voted this year by rating and reviewing your incredible NDIS support providers. Your advice makes a real difference. It inspires great providers to be a leading example of great support for others in their industry and it helps people in your community find great care. If there is an amazing provider in your community, be sure to nominate them for the 2018 awards by sharing your advice and rating them today
We’ll be continuing to announce more of our NDIS Provider of the year awards winners. Make sure you don’t miss out, subscribe to our newsletter and be among the first to know – it’s free!


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