NDIA seeks unicorns

The NDIA held a briefing in mid August to give insight into the NDIS Local Area Coordination tenders. These tenders are shaping up to be quite an interesting window into the NDIA. We’ve previously noted that the NDIA has essentially locked out registered providers from competing and the NDIS participant numbers the NDIA is expecting most LACs to manage should send plenty running.

So if you aren’t locked out from becoming a LAC because you are a registered NDIS provider and you aren’t scared off by the wildly changing participant numbers, you may be out of the running for a new reason. That reason? The NDIA’s ideal LAC partner is a unicorn.

[image description: child holding a toy unicorn]

For those that tuned in for the webinar, it was short on answers and left plenty of questions from the crowd hanging. So what makes this a particularly bizarre description is that it was in answer to the scripted questions delivered by the moderator, not one of the many ignored from the crowd.


“you might be able to give us a bit richer description on the sort of organisation that the NDIA envisages might be best suited to put in an application.”


“So somebody once described it to me as a bit like a unicorn really, a beautiful thing.”

It seems the NDIA is at least aware internally that what it’s asking for from LAC Partners is mythical…

To read more about what the NDIA hopes to find in its unicorns  LAC and ECEI Partners, find the wishlist here


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