MP requests independent review after NDIS participant funding slashed by 70%

Watch: MP requests independent review after NDIS participant funding slashed by 70%


In an unusually quiet speech to a near empty parliament, free from the usual chest thumping and back slapping, an MP has respectfully asked for the Minister to review the plan of Georgia, an NDIS participant who had her funding slashed by an astounding 70% following a review. The Member for Blaxland, Jason Clare, spoke of Georgia’s achievements under her previous NDIS plan and Georgia’s new goals.

Georgia’s mum had gathered reports from an OT and a speech pathologist highlighting what Georgia would need to achieve her goals. While the Bankstown NDIA office in Mr Clare’s electorate approved the funding for Georgia’s assistive technology device and continence supports, it did not fund the associated speech therapy hours to help Georgia learn how to use the device or the support worker hours necessary to help Georgia toilet independently. This despite the recommendations gathered by Georgia’s mum from the occupational therapist and the speech pathologist.

The MP highlighted that this was not an isolated case and recognised that he had similarly requested an independent review of another NDIS participant’s plan from his electorate and that this independent review was now happening. Mr Clare noted that he had further cases of this nature and would continue to raise them.

While all sides of parliament regularly engage in grand standing and political point scoring, in this instance the MP made minimal cheap attempts to take credit for passing the NDIS. Instead Mr Clare focused on the situation for real people in his electorate and putting forward his request on their behalf for independent reviews.

Unfortunately we can’t all live in Blaxland. Here’s hoping that by acknowledging MPs who are doing the right thing by their constituents and bringing oversight to the NDIA we can encourage more of our elected officials from all sides of politics to stand up for NDIS participants.  By working together respectfully and providing the reasonable and necessary oversight of the National Disability Insurance Agency, you may yet make the NDIS work.


Have you experienced a huge cut to your NDIS plan like this? Who are the politicians who are doing the right thing and standing up for NDIS participants by requesting independent reviews? Let us know in the comments


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