Ipswich LAC Participant Numbers

NDIS LAC Partner Ipswich


The selected LAC Partner for Ipswich will have an fairly straight two year down hill run from July 2017 through to June 2019. The NDIA’s participant numbers have Ipswich starting 163% above its long run average and immediately starts scaling down.

After the first 6 months, the NDIA’s numbers put Ipswich below it’s average for every quarter until the end of the contract. By the April – June quarter of 2019, the NDIA’s participant numbers for Ipswich are -74% below the long run average. With an uptick in the July-September quarter of 2018 the exception, the trend is consistently down from the early high.

This will present the Ipswich LAC the challenge of no opportunity to ramp up. Instead the Ipswich LAC will need to quickly scale up ahead of launch and then 6 months later begin scaling back substantially.

While the two year timeframe makes this a relatively short turn around both in the start up and wind down, compared to other regions in the State, Ipswich has a relatively manageable trajectory. The major factor concerning the successful Ipswich LAC should be ensuring it has robust systems and sufficient capable staff to handle its early peak.

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