How to increase your NDIS funding

NDIS funding can be a bit of a mystery box. Opaque systems and processes along with individual discretion of NDIS planners mean a lot of variability. It can be hard to know how decisions are made and make sure you get the right amount of funding for your needs.

Past funding is no indication of future funding. Whether you are transitioning into NDIS or are renewing a plan, your allocated funding in the past won’t necessarily indicate what you can expect in the future.

This obviously makes it challenging to manage the cycle, plan ahead and meet your needs.

Fortunately, one super mum and carer for her child with a disability has shared her tips on how to increase your NDIS funding. She attributes these techniques to a massive 10x plus increase in the funding she receives for her child.

While you may consider there could be a range of reasons for funding to increase, with the primary being a greater level of need brought on by deterioration, this mum notes that her child’s ability has improved.

7 Tips to increase your NDIS funding

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  • simone
    29/06/2020 at 3:36 pm

    i am looking to reveiw my son ndis plan and need tips

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