Bundaberg LAC Participant Volumes

NDIS LAC Partner Bundaberg

The NDIA’s participant volumes make Bundaberg look like a heart attack (and it may be for the successful LAC Partner). Starting in the October-December quarter of 2017, the NDIA’s Participant Volumes put Bundaberg at +219% of its long run average. From their it falls away quickly to just below average for the two quarters running January – June 2018.

Not letting that stability last for too long, the NDIA’s participant volumes completely disappear in the July-September quarter of 2018, only to shoot back up and end 2018 a little over average for the October-December quarter.

The NDIA’s participant volumes for Bundaberg suggest the successful LAC Partner will at least close their contract with a relatively stable 6 months. Bundaberg’s numbers for the two final quarters January through June 2019 run a fairly stable -60% below average.

With major moves in most quarters, including the second highest starting variance from average for Queensland, the successful LAC Partner is in for a bumpy ride. Scaling systems and recruiting, training, developing, retrenching, re-recruiting, re-training, re-developing, re-retrenching staff through this volatility will be a major task.


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