Barwon LAC NDIS Participants

NDIS LAC Partner Barwon

As a region that was part of the NDIS trials across the country, the NDIA’s numbers for NDIS participant volumes in Barwon are a ray of stability in a sea of otherwise chaotic fluctuations for other regions. More so than any other region, Barwon’s numbers stay amazingly close to the stable 0% line. This means the NDIA expects the volume of NDIS participants to stay the same from quarter to quarter.

The only real exception to this is a slight bump above average in Q9 (July-September 2018), with a minor peak of just +12% above average. As a comparatively tiny fluctuation, the successful LAC Partner for Barwon will have little to complain about in managing it’s work loads. Even compared to the ACT, another trial location, Barwon is incredibly stable.

This stability in volumes will be a major asset in developing stable effective systems for Local Area Coordination. It will also support the recruitment of effective, quality staff in delivering these services. As a region which has been part of the trials, Barwon is also likely to have more people familiar with the scheme, a resource that may be an advantage in recruiting. While the NDIA has been inconsistent in it’s implementation of the NDIS, even experience in this inconsistency would be an asset. While staff recruited to LACs in other regions may be entirely new to the NDIS, those in Barwon with exposure to the inconsistencies are likely to be more accustomed to dealing with the future equivalents of ‘My First Plan‘ and technical debacles like the My Place portal collapse.

Of any region included in this round of LAC tenders, NDIS participants in the Barwon should be the most hopeful for their LACs potential. If the NDIA’s participant numbers hold true, the successful LAC in Barwon will have a very manageable work load. This stability should support the LAC Partner in developing strong systems and capable staff to deliver a quality service to NDIS participants in the Barwon region.


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