Barossa, Light and Lower North LAC Participants

NDIS LAC Partner Barossa Light Lower North

Although not as volatile as the QLD regions, the NDIA’s participant volumes for SA do bounce around quite a bit from quarter to quarter. Barossa, Light and Lower North is no exception to this instability. The NDIA’s quarterly participant numbers put Barossa, Light and Lower North peaking at +73% above average, before collapsing to a bottom of -57% below average the following quarter.

However, through the last 12months of the contract the participant volumes stay relatively close to the average. The successful LAC Partner for Barossa, Light and Lower North has been given participant numbers only -11% below average for the final quarter running April-June of 2019. This is only slightly higher than the -16% below average for the quarter prior.

The 6 months high, 6 months low cycle with a trend back towards the mean, suggests again that this will be another seasonal LAC workforce. Operationally, while less extreme than some, Barossa, Light and Lower North’s successful LAC Partner will face the same challenge of managing an uneven workload and the challenges of recruiting, training and retaining high quality staff to support these 6 monthly peaks and troughs.


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