#9 Most searched NDIS supports of 2017

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#9 Mental Health Supports

Our 9th most in demand NDIS support for 2017 based on the searches from CareNavigators all across the country is Mental Health Supports. This includes both explicit searches for Mental Health Supports and also for terms like psychology, psychologists and psychiatry services among others.

Mental health became a major topic of NDIS news in 2017 with suggestions from former Australian of the Year and clinician Patrick McGorry calling on PM Malcolm Turnbull to keep mental health services out of the NDIS in April. In August the Australian was reporting the emerging gaps around supporting Mental Health disabilities under the NDIS, reporting “The agency has modelled about 64,000 people with psychosocial disability who will be eligible for the NDIS, although the federal Department of Health suspects this number will be closer to 90,000” and that there are currently 230,000 Australians receiving support for severe mental health challenges, half of the entire 460,000 Australians originally forecast to participate in the NDIS.

In March, NDIS Advisor Eddie Bartnik disclosed to the Senate Inquiry that “The Productivity Commission initial work did not expect to see early intervention for psycho­social disability, however the legislation made this a possibility,” according to the same article by the Australian. By September, the Guardian was reporting that mental health bodies were alarmed by the number of people with psychosocial disabilities being denied participation in the NDIS by planners for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

As the implementation of the NDIS moves forward to full rollout, we are increasingly seeing the challenges and gaps between planning and reality. As we move in to 2018, we hope to see these matters resolved and a full, fair implementation of the NDIS inclusive of people with psychosocial disabilities.

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