#7 Most searched NDIS Support of 2017

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#7 Plan Management

Dropping down a spot this year after coming in 6th in 2016, Plan Management is the 7th most searched NDIS support in 2017. Plan management provides NDIS participants the flexibility of self management without all the stress and hassle of self management. NDIS participants utilising plan management are not restricted to NDIA approved providers (other than for plan management of course!).

It is also important to note that you don’t have to use just one type of management (self, NDIA or registered plan manager). You can actually use a combination if you choose. You may want to self manage some of your supports independently and still use a plan manager for other NDIS supports. You may even want to request NDIA management for some of your supports. It’s flexible and you have the right to request the combination that is right for you. You can make this request before your plan begins or any time while your plan is in effect (according to the NDIA’s current position on its website).

Plan management is clearly a popular option which opens up more opportunities for what you can do with your NDIS plan. With plan management you can access providers outside the NDIA register, potentially getting better quality and price. If you’ve ever seen a product or service advertised for a price well below what you can access via the NDIA, it may be worth talking to a plan manager about your options.


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