#4 Most Searched NDIS Support in 2016

4. Support Coordination

In the number 4 spot, support coordination is an in demand NDIS support for 2016. No doubt the NDIS is a big change for many of us and support coordination is a service that (done right) can make it a whole lot easier.

You might remember what we were saying a little earlier about great power and great responsibility? Well, support coordination is a support that can take some of the heavy load off. It’s great to have choice and control, but coordinating between multiple support providers can be a headache. Support coordination can be part of your NDIS plan and covered by your funds.

Some people choose to have a single provider take care of both plan management and support coordination as the roles of your ‘finance’ and ‘operations’ people can overlap when it comes to only paying for services you actually used. Generally speaking, it may be better to choose a support coordinator who doesn’t provide you with other supports though. If something does go wrong and your support coordinator has to challenge one of their colleagues, it may be awkward. It could also result in other conflicts of interest. If you do choose to go with a support coordinator who provides you with supports, you may want to discuss how they will manage conflicts of interest and get them to commit to those in a contract.

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