#3 Most Searched NDIS Support of 2017

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#3 Support Coordination

The bronze medal was incredibly close this year, with barely 50 searches separating Support coordination from our #4 most searched NDIS support of 2017. Support Coordinators can play a key role in reducing the stress and headaches that come along with managing your NDIS plan. Their job is to keep everyone on the same page and make sure your providers deliver the right supports to help you achieve your goals. With such a big task, it is no wonder this is the second time Support Coordination has appeared in our annual list, up 1 spot from #4 in 2016.

Some people choose to have a single provider take care of both plan management and support coordination as the roles of your ‘finance’ and ‘operations’ people can overlap when it comes to only paying for services you actually used. Generally speaking, it may be better to choose a support coordinator who doesn’t provide you with any other supports though. If something does go wrong and your support coordinator has to challenge one of their colleagues, it may be awkward and some coordinators may not be able to put your needs above office harmony. A lack of independence could also result in other conflicts of interest. If you do choose to go with a support coordinator at a provider who also provides you with other supports, you may want to discuss how your coordinator will manage conflicts of interest and get them to commit to those actions in your service agreement.

Find Support Coordinators in your area

If there is an amazing Support Coordinator in your area, be sure to give them a good review here on CareNavigator. As one of the most searched for NDIS supports of the year, you won’t only be showing them how great they are, you’ll also be helping people all across Australia find great Support Coordinators like yours. Share your advice, tell us which provider is the best Support Coordinator in Australia?

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