#10 Most Searched NDIS Supports of 2017

Today we are kicking off the countdown for most searched NDIS supports of 2017. Based on the thousands of aggregated, anonymous searches from CareNavigators like you all across Australia, these are the NDIS supports most in demand. Don’t miss out on the full list, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter

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#10 Accommodation

It may come as no surprise to many of us that Accommodation would be among the top NDIS support searches in 2017. There is a well known and long standing miss match between the current supply of appropriate accommodation and the increasing and diverse demand.

Unsurprisingly, this support was commonly searched together with other terms about the specific type of accommodation sought. This underscores not only the need for a greater availability of accommodation but also a greater diversity of accommodation as the NDIS continues to roll out.

We know there are a number of organisations across Australia working to improve the quantity, quality and diversity of accommodation available in our community. We hope this serves as inspiration for you in your work to continue to create and develop inclusive accommodation.

We have also learned from social channels of people in some cases having the accommodation component of their NDIS plan ring fenced as ‘in-kind’. In these instances it appears they have not been given the choice to leave their current accomodation and remain inside a state-based system. This makes the clear desire for accommodation all the more relevant. Coming in at #10 from thousands of searches country wide, there is a clear desire from people all across Australia to find more appropriate accommodation as part of their NDIS plan.

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