#1 Most Searched NDIS Support of 2017

We’ve counted down 9 of the top contenders. Now it is time for the #1 most in demand NDIS support of the year!

We are delighted to announce the #1 most searched NDIS support of 2017. Our countdown is based on the thousands of aggregated, anonymous searches from CareNavigators like you all across Australia, these are the NDIS supports most in demand. We regularly share the latest news and views in this ever changing world of NDIS, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter

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#1 Home Supports

This year’s winner for the most in-demand NDIS support is Home Supports. Over the course of 2017, CareNavigators searched for all kinds of Home Supports including for support with gardening, cleaning, laundry, lawn mowing, maintenance and more. Collectively, these searches were by far the most searched for supports of the year. Home Supports collectively clocked in over 1000 additional searches ahead of our #2 NDIS Support of the Year

Congratulations to all the home care support providers in our community, as the gardeners, lawn mowers, landscapers, cleaners, launderers and all round handy people who help turn houses into homes. You can take pride in knowing you are the most in-demand of all NDIS supports of 2017 all across Australia.

If there is an amazing Cleaner, Landscaper, Lawn Mower, Gardener or Handy Person in your area, be sure to give them a good review here on CareNavigator. As one of the most searched for NDIS supports of the year, you won’t only be showing them how great they are, you’ll also be helping thousands of people all across Australia find great Home Support providers like yours. Share your advice, tell us which provider is the best Home Support Provider in Australia?

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