How bush fires are affecting people with disability, senior Australians, carers and care professionals

Australia on fire

Australians are no strangers to bush fires, but this year we have seen high temperatures and drought to contribute to unimaginable damage and destruction. The fires have already taken lives and destroyed homes, burning through an area twice the size of Belgium. With the threat of major fires joining fronts to form a mega blaze, the disaster is anticipated to continue with no clear end in sight.

While this disaster has impacted all walks of life, the impact these fires will be uniquely felt people with disability, senior Australians, anyone with unique care needs, carers and care professionals. Loss of specialised equipment and housing that support a person’s daily life, loss of offices and facilities that provide essential care and essential employment, loss of community as the foundations for daily life and connection to one another. This is what compounds the devastating impacts of this disaster, loss on top of loss.

What can we do?

There are a lot of people doing a lot of good work to help all Australians impacted by these devastating fires. Certainly if you can afford to do so, please do consider donating to the appropriate organisations.

We also know that major aid organisations are overwhelmed with non-monetary donations and are struggling to handle the logistics to realise the value of those donation and get them to the people in need. Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has gone so far as to ask donors to refrain from donating goods.

Good giving with direct donations

However we know that there is a world of good that could be done, by donating equipment, consumables, other products and pro bono services to people in need right now. As a community made of people navigating care, we know navigating the care system is hard enough at the best of times.

If you find that you have quality goods or services that you are able to offer to people in need for free, please post your donation offer by clicking on the Add New button and choosing ‘Free Donation’. By posting your donation, you can make a direct donation to a person in need for items that may otherwise be too difficult for aid agencies to store and distribute for you.

This way, people in need can find your donations and you can make these difficult times a little less tough for people with disability, senior Australians, carers and care professionals in need. At the same time, leading aid agencies can focus their efforts on putting monetary donations to their best use and support people impacted by these fires.

Are you in need?

If you are a person in need of care goods and services for any reason, let our community know by posting what you need. There are many people in our community who want to help, but need to hear from you to understand your needs. Simply click on the Add New button and select ‘Needed‘.

Thank you and stay safe.


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